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MIDI Files
Here are some Princess MIDI files. To listen to the music, click on it. If you would like to save it to use on your website, right click the name and click "Save Target As". You will then be prompted to choose where to save the file to. An easy place to save the files to would be C: My Documents : My Music.

- A Whole New World

- Bippity Boppity Boo

The Little Mermaid
- Under The Sea

Sleeping Beauty
- Once Upon A Dream

Snow White
- Someday My Prince Will Come

Enchanted Castle MIDI Files
These are MIDI files that I have also used on Enchanted Castle.

- Believe
- Do You Love Me?
- Fairytale, by Enya
- Fur Elise
- My Heart Will Go On
- Mario Kart 64 Theme
- Over The Rainbow
- Ridge Racer Theme
- What Is Love?

Treasure Vault

Princess In Every Girl