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Princess In Every Girl : Princess Poll
Which is your favorite Princess? Take the poll and vote. Note: This poll contains Pocahontas and Mulan because they are featured on the Disney Princess Website, and Nala because so many cherish The Lion King.


The Princess Poll (Which is Your Favorite Princess?) ran until Tuesday, May 02, 2006. It was the first poll featured. Here are the results.

Ariel: 334 Votes (15%)
Aurora: 225 Votes (10%)
Belle: 449 Votes (20%)
Cinderella: 168 Votes (07%)
Jasmine: 110 Votes (04%)
Melody: 40 Votes (01%)
Mulan: 420 Votes (18%)
Nala: 27 Votes (01%)
Pocahontas: 366 Votes (16%)
Snow White: 75 Votes (03%)

Total Votes: - 2214


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