Miguel: Look! El Dorado! The city of gold! This could be our destiny! Our fate!
Tulio: Miguel, if I believed in fate, I wouldn't be playing with loaded dice.

Miguel: You fight like my sister!
Tulio: I've fought your sister. That's a compliment.

[after being discovered as stowaways on Cortez' ship]
Cortez: My crew was chosen as carefully as the Disciples of Christ, and I will not tolerate stowaways. You will be flogged. And when we put in to Cuba to resupply, *God willing*, you will be flogged some more. And then enslaved on the sugar plantations for the rest of your miserable lives. To the brig!
Miguel: ...All right! Cuba.

Tulio: Wait a minute, new plan: we find the city of gold, we *take* the gold, and THEN we row back to Spain!
Miguel: And buy Spain!

Miguel: Tulio, did you ever imagine it would end like this?
Tulio: The horse is a surprise...

[after seeing a skeleton on the beach]
Tulio: All in favor of getting back in the boat, say aye.
Miguel: Aye!

Tulio: Miguel wake up. We found it!
Miguel: We did? Where? Behind the rock?
Tulio: No, no. This is it. Apparantly El Dorado is native for... great big ROCK!
Miguel: Tulio, you don't think, Cortez could've gotten here before us and...
Tulio: *sarcastic* And what? Taken all the *really* big rocks? The scoundrel!

Tulio: Miguel and Tulio!
Miguel: Tulio and Miguel! Mighty and powerful Gods!
Chel: Hello.
Miguel & Tulio: [both squeal]

From Deborah.