The Road to El Dorado

The Road To El Dorado is an animated comedy film by DreamWorks SKG released in 2000. The movie takes place in the 16th century (1519) Spain and tells about two men named Tulio and Miguel. During a game of dice in Spain, they use loaded dice to win a map that purportedly shows the location of the legendary city of gold in the New World. However, their cheating is soon discovered and as a result, they end up as stowaways on Hernán Cortés’ fleet to conquer Mexico. They are discovered, but manage to escape in a boat with Cortés’ prize war horse and eventually discover the hidden city of El Dorado where they are mistaken for gods.

El Dorado is portrayed as a Utopian civilization that combines facets of the Aztecs, Maya and Incas.

The soundtrack was released as the album The Road to El Dorado and features songs by Elton John and Tim Rice. The computer adventure game was named Gold & Glory: The Road to El Dorado.


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