Caitlin: The Khaki Girl

This information was written by Chrizta.

Full Name: Caitlin Cooke
Codename: Cupcake
Age: 16
Ethnicity: English
Occupation: working at The Big Squeeze

Caitlin is one high-spirited and optimistic girl who would do anything for her friends, shopping and of course, boys. She is the new addition to the group of five best friends and started working at the mall when she reached her credit card limit and her parents decided that it's time for her to understand the value of money. Coming from a wealthy family, Caitlin is used to getting her way, but now she's trying her best to overcome her obsession with shopping and be more hardworking.

She is the most girly in the group. She is smart, but not street-wise and loves to give dating advice to her friends. Unfortunately her naivety spells disaster and usually leaves Wyatt in humiliation. Another thing about Caitlin is that she is very prone to her weakness. She can easily get embarrassed and ends up crying by the simplest things.

When it comes to shopping and boys, Caitlin is one determined girl to have things her way. Her recent ex-best-friend, Tricia, is her number one rival and they are typically found in a cat fight, fighting for that one hot guy or the title of "The Khaki Girl," who will be known as the best shopper at the mall.

Overall, Caitlin is a cheerful girl, who is still adjusting with her new way of life, but with her best friends, nothing can stand her way!

Quotable Quotes:
"I think he's the one."

More About Caitlin

Best Friends - always a shoulder to lean on
Boyfriends - I really think he's the one
Work - lemonades coming right up