You're My Penguin

The many flings for Caitlin is a running gag for the series. She can't seem to stay in a solid relationship for more than two episodes. They usually break up with her or vice versa because they were either too smelly or a poor kisser according to her likings. Nonetheless, Caitlin is super boy-crazy and would go to limits to get a boy's attention.

One time she even dressed up as a penguin when she took mistook Jen's advice. Poor Caitlin, she was rejected because she has been following a guy named, Steph, all week. He called her a stalker and wanted to be left alone. Caitlin ended up crying because she really wanted a date for the winter dance, but eventually just went with her friends when she finds out that "the Clones" and "the Greeter Gods" were going dateless as well.

Being the boy-crazed she is, Caitlin is a little stalker and can be very obsessed with her current loves. One time during the episode of "Dude of the Living Dead," Cailtin's boyfriend, Talon, became a zombie, but that didn't stop her love for him and she ended up taping his mouth (so he wouldn't bite) and kept him on a pet's leash. She soon had to part with him, obviously, and along the way, his arm was cut off and we see Caitlin desperately clinging to his detached arm.

Funny though, Caitlin will go through her break-up stages and it's like nothing ever happened between her ex's. Thus, she moves on to target a new crush. The humor just never ends.