Friends Forever

Among their group of six, arguably, Jen is Caitlin's best friend. Jen is always there for her in her time of need, like after a bad break up or just trying to knock some logic in her. They would always confide one another for all their problems and everything else. With the other female in the group, Nikki and Caitlin are complete opposites, since Nikki is the more sarcastic and less girly. Overtime, Nikki accepted Caitlin's personality and became great friends.

With the guys of the group, when they first met her, Jonesy, who can't resist a "hot" chick, once hitted on Caitlin, but Jen was there to save her. Jude is another one of her good friends who supports her attempt in winning her new crush's heart. With Wyatt, the two confide one another about love issues and she tries to teach him about girls. Caitlin once offered him some advice as to how to ask this one girl out. Sadly her advice back-fires, but Wyatt was able to ask the girl out on his own.

Not part of the gang, but Tricia used to be Caitlin's best friend and shopping buddy. They ended their relationship, when Tricia found out that Caitlin found a job. From there on, they became rivals and it's not surprising if they are fighting over the same boy.