Kipper is a British animated television show based on the series of books by Mick Inkpen. The characters include Kipper, Tiger, Pig, Arnold, Jake, The Bleeper People, and now a new character, Zebra.


Kipper is the main character and is a brown and white dog. He is very intelligent, patient, caring, and very funny. He has best friends in Tiger and Pig and also a friend in Jake. He often watches Arnold and does not mind Arnold, but is very patient with him. He has a big imagination and he is very appreciative.

Tiger is a grey dog and Kipper's bestest friend. He and Kipper often go on picnics, go fishing, to the park, and telephone one another about the day's activities. Tiger is not as patient as Kipper when it comes to Pig, but he is pretty patient, although Tiger can be a bit more expressive when he is annoyed or bothered. Because of this, Tiger can be very very funny.

Pig is Kipper's 'other best friend' and has a little cousin that he often watches named Arnold. Pig often comes on activities with Tiger and Kipper and brings Arnold along to places such as the park or the pond. Pig loves to bake and is often making triple bar chocolate cakes, and as a result always has chocolate in his home. He loves to eat food, especially at picnics. Pig is very funny and at times can become bothered by babysitting Arnold, but he gets help from Kipper and Tiger.

Arnold is Pig's little cousin. He does not really talk, but he motions that he understands. He is often carrying a small blanket and sucking on his thumb or on his cuppy. A lot of interesting things happen to Arnold when the others are not looking. He approaches squirres, sees robots flying away, sees The Bleeper People, and many other things. He is a very intelligent little pig and does not intentionally cause trouble.

Jake is a large sheepdog who is also a friend of Kipper, Tiger, Pig, and Arnold. He does not appear as much on the television show as the others, but he is a very kind dog and has an imaginary friend named Wilbur, who actually does exist, as seen when Wilbur empties his drink much to the surprise of Kipper and Tiger. Jake and Wilbur like to play in the park together and swing. Jake once won first place in Tiger's costume party for being a Ballerina.

The Bleeper People
The Bleeper People live on the moon and are small and pinkish. They saw Kipper and Tiger when they made a trip to the moon, and Arnold has seen them as well. They make a 'bleep' noise to communicate which is how they get their name. They are observant and friendly.

Zebra is a new character that has been introduced into the books and I believe the show. I am not to familiar but I will try to find out more about Zebra. According to Mick Inkpen's Official Website, information on Zebra is coming soon.

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