This fanlisting is dedicated to the characters of the 1997 Disney film, Hercules. The movie follows Hercules after he is captured from Zeus and Hera. Hades plans to rid the world of Hercules so that there will be no obstacles in his way when he tries to take over the world, but not all goes as planned. Although Hercules is weakened and most of his powers are taken away, he still holds super strength and is not completely human, though not exactly a god. With the help of Phil, Hercules trains to become a hero so he will be allowed back into Mount Olympus and given his godly status, but not all goes as planned again. He meets and falls in love with Megara, and although she does work for Hades, she falls in love with him as well. In the end, Megara helps him regain his faith in her and his godly status, but Hercules gives it up to be with her on earth.

The characters in the movie are certainly diverse. The Muses open up the movie and they help guide the viewer throughout with their funny insights and catchy songs. The characters also include Hercules, Phil (Philoctetes), Hades, Megara, Hera, Zeus, Pegasus, and Hades' workers, Pain and Panic. For a full listing and descriptions of all the characters, including characters from the television series, please visit Wikipedia.