Victoria Everglot is one of the main character in Tim Burton's 2005 stop-motion animation movie, Corpse Bride. In the movie, Victoria is engaged to be married to Victor Van Dort, although the two have never met, and she and Victor are both frightened that they will have to live with someone whom they are not in love with. Victoria is a very sweet and kind girl, very unlike her parents, and when she and Victor first meet, they do fall in love, and both are then looking forward to their wedding. Throughout the movie, Victoria shows herself to be a very willing and capable character. I was considering naming this fanlisting Sweet, but I decided to name it Passion because of the scene where Victor and Victoria first meet. He is playing the piano, unaware that she is observing him. When he finally sees her and loses his composure, she comments how she cannot play the piano, that such passion is not for ladies, according to her parents. It is clear she still wants this passion, and that she is more than capable of being a passionate person for the things she loves. For more information please visit Wikipedia.