About the Reluctant Werewolf

Scooby Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf is an animated Scooby Doo movie. Count Dracula and his monster friends are trying to turn Shaggy into a werewolf so he can race the werewolf car in the monster race, since the previous werewolf has retired and a book predicts that someone who looks like Shaggy will be the next werewolf. Vanna Pira is Dracula's wife and she is also a presenter, sort of like Vanna White from The Wheel of Fortune. For more information please visit Wikipedia.

Vanna Pira

Vanna Pira is Dracula's wife in the movie, and she wears a purple long outfit and has black hair. You can tell that her appearance, particularly her face, changes throughout the movie. At the beginning of the movie her face looks a bit older or more mature, and later on in the movie, such as in the Race scene, her face looks younger. Vanna Pira is a very fun and funky character. She calls Dracula "Dracky" and sometimes talkes to him in a baby voice. She is his wife, after all!

Vanna Pira jokes around a lot and she is a presenter and uses her hands to present things such as prizes. Her name is similar to that of Vanna White, who is a television personality and most known for her career on Wheel of Fortune, where she presents and points to the letters in the game. Similarly, Vanna Pira announces, presents, and points and shows with her hands. Vanna Pira is also not as tough acting or looking as any of the other monsters, and she sometimes calms Dracula down when he is about to get angry about not having his werewolf yet.

However, Dracula begins to lose his patience towards the end of the movie, when Shaggy and Scooby are having really good luck during the race. He loses his patience and becomes frustrated, which causes Vanna Pira to become sad. This is one of the few instances in the movie when Vanna Pira is not laughing or happy. All in all, she is a very happy, fun, and flowery character, with a good personality. I really liked her in the movie for many reasons, and I hope you do too!