About Sabrina the Teenage Witch and this fanlisting.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch is a show based off of the popular Archie comic, that ran from 1996 until 2003. It starred Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina Spellman, a young girl who was sent to live with her two aunts, Hilda and Zelda, and who finds out she is a witch on her first day at her new school. She doesn't believe this, naturally, but she soon is forced to believe this after she sees a talking cat (Salem), a floating book (The Discovery of Magic sent by her father, a Warlock), and after a series of events at her school occur that are oddly connected to her in some way.
Over time she somewhat adjusts to her powers, although she is still not completely comfortable with using them.
Her love interest is Harvey Kinkle, who unfortunately is also the love interest of Libby Chessler, a popular cheerleader set out to ruin Sabrina's life from the first day. Although Libby makes constant moves on Harvey, he never quite responds and is actually rather clueless about her liking him. It soon becomes clear that he has great feelings for Sabrina (yay!).
In the first season, Sabrina's best friend is Jenny, but in the second season we find out that Jenny has moved and the new girl is Valerie, who becomes Sabrina's best friend.
None of Sabrina's friends know she is a witch, although Libby comes pretty close to discovering the truth quite a few times, and threatens to tell the whole school Sabrina is "a freak".
Mean while, at home, Sabrina must constantly be ready to answer questions from her Quizzmaster in order to get her witches license. A series of funny events ensue, very extremely memorable ones, and the love between Sabrina and Harvey is, I think, one of the most wonderful things I have ever had the joy of watching. I wish I owned the dvd series, I would watch it every day.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch cast its last spell on its audience in the year 2003, the ending episode being one of Sabrina's wedding. The episode, however, does not end the way it began, and must be seen in order to know what happens with Sabrina. Sabrina the Teenage Witch is my favorite television show, even years later, after it was cancelled. I remember watching it every friday on ABC 13's TGIF night, after Boy Meets World, and I am so glad I got to own the fanlisting for this beautiful and magical television series.