Lily is the sweet and energetic Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger. Her animal spirit is the cheetah, and like the fierce feline, she is incredibly agile and quick, which she uses to her advantage with her Ranger attack, the 'cheetah jabs,' where she attacks the enemy with a series of swift punches. Lily always tries to be positive and look for the good side of people (She even befriends Camille!) Lily loves music and dances very well. As the Yellow Ranger, she controls the deadly Jungle Bo Staff, the mighty Jungle Mace, and the fearsome Jungle Claw Booster. She can call upon the Cheetah Zord, Elephant Zord, and Penguin Zord in battle.

With the help of Master Guin's penguin spirit, Lily can upgrade to Jungle Master Mode.

Must-See Episodes

A Taste of Poison
Dance the Night Away
Way of the Master
Pushed to the Edge
Ghost of a Chance, part 2
Bad to the Bone
Fear and the Phantoms

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