This small area on Medieval Forest is meant to be a portfolio of all of my works. It is nice to see how my styles have changed over time and how they were at first, as well as how they are now. The idea came to me partly when I noticed how cluttered (and numerous) my folders on my computer were becoming. I decided to group some together and include them as a portfolio.

I decided to name this portfolio Library because it is one of my favorite places to visit, and I love naming subdomains the names of places I would be sure to visit and visit frequently.
I decided to also include graphics that I had made into this webpage. I originally had these graphics on my Dolls/Graphics website named Dream Designer, but I decided to combine the two, for various reasons, including that I would no longer be able to devote much time to making graphics for Dream Designer so I decided to combine them here.
Dream Designer was previously located in the subdomain 'bookshop', but I decided not to keep the name for my Portfolio and instead name it Library, because a bookshop is more for purchasing and I will not charge for layout or graphic requests.


Free Pencil and Memo Clipart
Kurt Halsey
Notebook and Book Bordered Backgrounds


Graphics Such As Templates and Brushes

Doll Makers


Welcome to Library, my portfolio which also includes some graphics. Part of Medieval Forest.