Jane Porter

Jane Porter can be seen in Disney's amazing 1999 film Tarzan and its sequel Tarzan and Jane, as well as the Tarzan television show, The Legend of Tarzan. In the 1999 film, Jane comes with her father and is part of a group who is exploring the jungle. While she gets separated from the group, she meets Tarzan, who rescues her. While they do not communicate at first due to language barriers, they grow to be friends and then they fall in love. Jane does not want to harm Tarzan and his family, and only wants to learn from them. She is really an amazing character, with a very quirky personality. She is elegant, graceful, and well-mannered, but she also has a very fun personality and laughs wonderfully. Tarzan is very good at bringing out this side, and at the end, when she chooses to stay with Tarzan instead of going back home, to civilization, it shows that she is a bit wild at heart. This is why I named the fanlisting Wild at Heart. Other names I was thinking of include Destined. More soon! For now, you can visit Wikipedia's Tarzan page.