Hedwig is Harry Potter's snowy white owl in the Harry Potter series of books and movies. She is purchased by Hagrid for Harry as a birthday present at Diagon Alley when they are shopping for Harry's school supplies.

Hedwig has a very unique character; she loves Harry and is very loyal to him, but she will also let him know when she is upset with him. Harry takes very good care of Hedwig, letting her out of her cage, sitting with her, and spending time with her. Sometimes he has not always been able to do that (mainly when he is staying with the Dursleys and they do not want her flying outside). Hedwig was with Harry throughout his time at Hogwarts, from the very first year. In the last book and movie, Hedwig sadly and very unfortunately and heartbreakingly passes away.

When Hedwig passed away, I could not believe it. To me Hedwig is like my own dog, someone who is your family but also your friend. To Harry, Hedwig was one of the closest, best friends he ever had, as well as some of the only family he has had. She cared for Harry and he cared for her, and her last moments were some of the saddest for me.

I decided to name this fanlisting Family because I feel that describes what Hedwig was to Harry very well; I might change it later on, and some of the other terms I associate with Hedwig include Loyal, Intelligent, and Clever. More will be coming on Hedwig soon!