Charlotte "Lottie" La Bouff is the daughter of Mr. La Bouff, who employs Tiana's mom to make dresses and other beautiful clothing for Lottie. She dreams of being a princess and marrying a real prince. She is much more well off than Tiana, but what I love so much about Lottie is that even though she is, there is no distinction of classes between them. To Lottie, Tiana is her equal and they are best friends. I love how Lottie is like this even though other people (mainly the people selling Tiana the property for her restaurant) are not. Lottie loves Tiana and will do anything for her, even give up her own happily ever after dream so Tiana will have hers. Lottie also embodies every thing that I love - she believes in fairytales and princesses and happily ever afters, and it is that enthusiasm and joy inside her that also makes me love her so much. I feel she is such a fun, beautiful, kindhearted, amazing character. For more information please visit Wikipedia.