Van Helsing is mentioned in the last paragraph.

The latest rumblings on The Mummy 3

Moviehole heard from an insider who says director Stephen Sommers is getting close to fixing on the direction he'd like "The Mummy 3" to take.

One idea that's apparently doing the rounds is for the new film to be headlined by rising star, Oded Fehr, who would reprise his role as Ardeth Bey, from the previous two films.

"Fehr proved he's got what it takes to kick a bit of butt, as we just saw in the Resident Evil sequel. Admittedly, Brendan Fraser's star's dropped considerably since the last film anyway, so having a lesser name carry the film mightn't matter so much, especially since Sommers wants storyline and special effects to be the star anyway. I think there's some talk about Fehr, yeah - and I don't think anyone would complain about it, he's good".

Fehr, whose other credits include both "Deuce Bigalow" films and TV's "Presidio Med", would rejoin series star Arnold Vosloo, who's almost a certainty to step into the shoes of The Mummy again.

In an interview last year, Vosloo sounded quite keen to return to the franchise. He even let slip that Stephen Sommers is considering taking the Mummy to contemporary times.

"That's one idea yes. Universal wants Sommers to develop another three more Mummy movies in total I believe, so one of them will almost certaintly have the Mummy invading 50's London or something."

According to insider 'Goliath', Sommers plans for both a "Van Helsing" sequel and spin-off TV series have been canned though, due to the first film's poor B.O reception. "No go on either of those", he says.