Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Hi i love your website for one but my real question is this, i've seen the movie and read the book but my freind is still convinced that Van Helsing and Anna Valerious at one point in the movie made love, i know there was a article in the newspaper about it but how come it's not in the movie or the book?
A: I seriously can tell you that I don't have a clue about this question. But I highly doubt that that Anna and Gabriel would give in to their feelings while trying to figure out how to kill Dracula. Just my thoughts. Sorry I can't help you out with this question.

Q: Are you looking for Affiliates?
A: Yes sure, I'm always looking for affiliates as it actually states on the seperate page for affiliates. Just contact me if you are interested.

Q: Great site! I love it! Anyway I was just wondering how do you all those high-quality photos? Is it a scanner? =)
A: Yup, I'm a scan whore if you want to say so. I spend hundreds of dollars monthly on magazines. I do have a scan website at and when I'll upload the new design I will also include a scan tutorial, well my version of scanning that is, so keep checking back.

Q: Whew.. how do you do such amazing layouts? And how long does it usually take you?
A: Wow, I'm flattered that you like my designs. I so hate them the minute after I uploaded them. I get tired to easily. Usually it takes me around to 15-30 minutes to design a layout. But it might take longer. That really depends. I design fast and get bored fast. But it's nice to hear that people like my layouts. Much appreciated, thanks!

Q: Can we start asking me?
A: Yup, you sure can. *lol*

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