Welcome to LOVE - A TCG Post

This is where I have all of my cards from TCGs. The menu is to the left, and general site updates are below.


December 17, 2005 - This TCG is created. Thanks to Misty for introducing me to TCGs and for helping me with setting up my TCG site. I've joined Timeless, a Disney TCG and Enchanted Melodies, an Animation Song TCG.

December 18, 2005 - I've joined Love Story, The Notebook TCG and Magical, a Disney Songs TCG.
{Edit} I've been approved for Magical and have received my PreJoin Card!{/Edit}

December 20, 2005 - I've added a Trade Form.

December 21, 2005 - I added a "Trading Buddies" area at the bottom of the menu/navigation.

December 24, 2005 - Quit Magical due to too many things going on online at once.

First week of January, 2006 - Left Timeless.

April 23, 2006 - New webpage address - http://ifyouwant.getdata.be/Love/

May --, 2006 - Left Enchanted Melodies. No longer active in any TCGs. However I will leave this up for my own archiving and other purposes.

December 29, 2006 - New website address: http://www.positivelyprimeval.org/Love/. An archive site. Have added/changed a few things.

April 29, 2007 - New layout! I decided to change the layout to this one, although the previous layout is beautiful. Also I've changed a few things around and we've been having a new website address since about February 2007. This is now part of medievalforest.org

December 26, 2007 - New layout! Sometimes I consider joining TCGs again, and sometimes I think about making my own, but for now there is a new layout up!

January 09, 2009 - I've joined Park Hopper, a Disney Park tcg! I'm very excited; I haven't been part of a tcg for some years.