Master Oogway is an aged tortoise and the senior master of the Jade Palace. He is extremely wise and possesses considerable physical skill - to defeat Tai Lung, Oogway instantly subdued him with a series of lightning fast nerve strikes. His selection of Po as the Dragon Warrior was strongly doubted by all, especially Po himself, but he stood by his decision, which proves to be the correct one. After convincing Shifu to train Po, Oogway ascends to the Heavens in the midst of dozens of peach blossom petals floating away in the cold night breeze. Among all the proverbs he recites, his most recurring is "There are no accidents."


Species: Galapagos Tortoise (also known as Giant Tortoise)
Fighting Style: Unknown, but is probably skilled in all, as he is the one who "uncovered the secrets of Kung Fu."