Allison Taylor : Appearances

Here are all of the episodes Allison Taylor has appeared in. If you know of any episodes in which she has appeared, please contact me.

Episode: Lisa's Rival

Season Six: Episode Two
Summary: A new student joins Lisa's class, and quickly becomes a rival to Lisa, both intellectually and musically. The competition between the two heats up to the point where Lisa enlists Bart to sabotage one of her rival's projects. Meanwhile, Homer takes 100 pounds of sugar from an overturned truck and makes grandiose plans for it until a rainstorm makes the sugar melt away forever.

Episode: Bart Star

In this episode, Allison is a member of the pee-wee football team. She high-fives Milhouse in one of the scenes.
Summary: At a health fair, Springfield discovers their children are unfit, so a pee-wee football team, coached by Ned Flanders, is formed to remove those extra pounds. But soon enough, Ned hands the job over to Homer who thinks he can be a better coach.

Episode: Last Tap Dance in Springfield

In this episode, Allison is a student in the tap-dance class that Lisa joins. However, she (along with Janey) does not provide Lisa with much support, according to the episode guide.
Summary: Lisa struggles in a tap-dance class taught by a former child star; Bart and Milhouse ditch camp to spend a week creating havoc in the mall.

Contributed Appearances

These appearances have been contributed by Tony.

The PTA Disbands!: Eatng lunch, playing sax in band class.
The Principal and the Pauper: Singing in choir at Skinner tribute.
Lisa the Skeptic: Digging for fossils.
Lard of the Dance: Her second biggest appearance; she is at the lunch table with some other girls, she goes shopping (picking out a new outfit which she wears for the rest of the episode), and is seen at the dance.
Wild Barts Can't Be Broken: Many background scenes, but Krusty leans over to talk to her during his line of the "Kids" song near the end.
Little Girl in the Big Ten: Seen in gym class, but notable since we see her name on a list of students.
Future-Drama: At the senior dance; she has a pink prom dress and a lighter hair color.
Orphan Millie: She is seen in various crowd scenes surrounding Milhouse, including sitting beside him in the lunchroom after he begins his "loner" phase and the reunion with his uncle.
Husbands and Knives She is in crowd shots at Jack Black's comic book store.