Allison Taylor : About

Allison Taylor is a classmate of Lisa's in The Simpsons. Her debut is in the Season Six Episode, Lisa's Rival, where she is voiced by Winona Ryder. She is seven years old, one year younger than Lisa, and is intelligent and plays the saxophone as well. She is a new classmate in Lisa's class in the episode Lisa's Rival, but is shown in other episodes, such as Last Tap Dance in Springfield, where she is a dance student in Lisa's dance class.

Allison makes Miss Hoover "yowie" when she answers a question about Christopher Columbas's voyage to America, and actually goes beyond answering it. During lunch, she approaches Allison and finds out that she is younger (was skipped ahead due to getting bored with the first grade), plays the saxophone, and is also trying out for first chair that year. Allison wins, and Lisa is very upset that there is someone smarter, younger, and a better saxophone player than her. She visits Allison in her home and is further intimidated by her trophies and her diorama for the Diorama-Rama competition. She and Bart try to sabotage her, but Lisa feels guilty in the end. She and Allison end up being the best of friends.

Alison lives in a nice blue/light blue and purple house and we meet her father there, Professor Taylor. Not much more is known of Allison, but I have noticed she always wears a dark red skirt, black shoes, a long sleeve light blue/white shirt, and a necklace with some sort of leather keychain as well as something to keep her hair up. Sometimes she wears other things in other episodes.