Stick It

Jude's first job at the mall was at Stick-It, -- he serves shish kebabs, and sometimes creates his own recipes -- his dream occupation. He tends to slack off on the job though and takes breaks whenever he feels like. Unfortunately, he was fired when they had to close the place down due to uncleanliness.

He got another job with Wyatt at a fast food restaurant, but was fired there too. When Wyatt got another job at Underground Videos, he worked there as well.

Jude's most recent job is the new Zamboni driver at the mall's ice rink. The previous Zamboni driver taught him how to use the machine, but at Jude's first attempt, it was a disaster since there were no brakes, thus him and the Zamboni were roaming freely in the mall floors. Ron immediately banned him from the mall, but he was allowed to enter again when his Zamboni teacher retired and offered him the new job.