Chilling Out

Jude is part of the group of six best friends in the series. His best friend is Jonesy, who is also known as his partner in crime for the various pranks they play. They are both on top of Ron the Rent-a-Cop's "most wanted" list. It wouldn't even be surprising if there is something more between them. As part of a running gag, it may seem that Jude and Jonesy are gay, but it's just a joke. For example there was a pottery scene between the two, that took place, with romantic music and all. Similar to the scene from the movie, Ghost. Overall they're just really close friends who unfortunately sometimes mistake one another's remarks as a sexual plea. Really slow-minded.

Jude gets along with all his friends, even though he may be slow-minded and speaks his mind, spilling everyone's secrets. He gets into a lot of trouble due to restlessness and Jen is always there trying to get him to be more mature. The females of the group also seem to seek him for boy-advice, since the other two guys are pretty hopeless when it comes to girls.