"Psst... Dude, it's me..."

In some cases in the show, Jude is occasionally seen cross-dressing or wearing various disguises either to save his friends or himself from mischief. In the Snow Job episode, Jude dressed up in a hula girl outfit, being banned from the mall when he drove the Zamboni that ended up being driven beyond the ice rink.

It was hilarious too because Jonesy was completely fooled and really thought that Jude was a female! Jonesy hand his arm around him, attempting to flirt, but was totally shocked when he found out it was Jude. Main topic aside, it's not so surprising if Jonesy and Jude have something going on. Haha. They're such great friends, maybe even a little too close. In one scene when Jonesy was doing pottery, Jude helped him out and one thing let to another and soon they were caught in a very familiar scene from Ghost.

Back on track, Jude is just being a great friend who is comfortable with who he is, even if it degrades him and he even helped out Wyatt one time. He wore a wig, added some blush to his cheeks, that supposedly made him look like an elderly woman. Hilarious.