Great Expectations : Thoughts

Great Expectations is one of the best books I have ever read.
It is full of wonderful characters, characters I would give anything to know.
The story is one of love, desperation, life, and full of so many beautiful elements I have come to wonder how it is possible for someone to write something so lovely.
I would recommend this book with all of my heart.

Great Expectations : Summary

Pip begins this sweeping story in a cottage at the end of a marsh, his parents long dead and his sister, ill-tempered and unhappy, married to a good-hearted, unlettered blacksmith.
Promise of the most thrilling sort steps into Pip's life in the form of money from a mysterious benefactor. Pip grows excited about his own prospects, but nothing in Pip's world is what he expects. Long-kept secrets are forever breaking into daylight.
Pip learns that in the end he cannot learn enough, or spend enough money, to protect himself from the truth.
Excerpt from Great Expectations Introduction by Michael Cadnum