Greetings and welcome to my small Dickens-related website. This is a small project site that I created to keep track of books I hope to read, writings I hope to write, and other things I hope to accomplish this year, all related to Charles Dickens, and in honor of his bicentennial this year.


February 07, 2012 - Happy 200th birthday to Charles Dickens! I feel that my life is so much fuller and the world a much better place because of him. Please check out the beautiful tribute to Charles Dickens at Dickensblog, a beautiful site dedicated to Mr. Dickens.

Events to Attend

A Christmas Carol at the Theater November/December 2012
Dickens on the Strand December 2012

Other Projects

There are three books I'd like to write this year which are related in some way or another with Dickens. Here I will keep track of their statuses in hopes I get to finish them this year.
Book 1 BS
Book 2 AHC
Book 3 I