Anastasia's Profile

Anastasia is the daughter of Lady Tremaine, and sister of Drizella and the stepsister of Cinderella. She is the sister with the purple dress. In Cinderella, she is just an mean to Cinderella as Drizella is, and is happy when Lady Tremaine does unfair acts to Cinderella. In Cinderella II: Dreams Come True, however, Anastasia falls in love "with a common baker" and this upsets Lady Tremaine greatly. However, Cinderella helps her get with the Baker and she remains with him. In Cinderella III: A Twist In Time, Anastasia again proves to not be as bad as her sister and mother. She is given the opportunity to be with Prince Charming, but realizes that true love cannot be taken or disguised. Anastasia is a mean stepsister at first, but becomes a good and kind stepsister, at the complaints of her mother and sister Drizella, and befriends Cinderella and remains with the baker.